Gas Dehydration & Booster Station Utilities

Gas Dehydration & Booster Station Utilities

Course Objectives:


 Learn how to operate booster station utilities by understanding the fundamentals of chemical injection and utilities operation also the specifications of booster stations and utilities operation.


Who Should Attend:


 All Mechanical Engineers & Technicians and Field Operators.


Course Outline:


 Gas Dehydration

  • Water-Hydrocarbon Behavior
  • Hydrate Inhibition
  • Glycol Dehydration
  •  Adsorption (Molecular Sieve) Dehydration

Functions of Booster Stations


  • Using Booster Station in oilfield facility
  • Using Booster Station with Gathering Centres.
  • Separation the condensate.
  • Dehydrates (removes water) from both compressed gas and condensate.
  • Receives and dehydrates condensates from the Gathering Centers


Specifications of Booster Stations


  •  System components overview
  • Instrument assembly
  •  System installation
  •  System enclosures
  • Piping and valves
  • System control
  • Practical cases


Packaged Booster Stations


  • Pit less Boosters
  • Pumps
  • Motors
  • Control Panel
  • Isolation valves  


Pumping Equipment and Appurtenances


  •  Pumping capacity requirements.
  •  General pump, motor and wiring installation requirements.
  •  Line−shaft vertical turbine pumps.
  •  Submersible vertical turbine pumps.
  •  Motor protection.
  •  Pump variable output control devices.
  •  Well appurtenances.
  •  Pump discharge lines
  • Practical cases


Booster Station Utilities


  • Routine and emergency operation of generators & fire water pumps
  • Emergency operation of spill over
  • Monitor of dosage rates
  • Learn theory of operation of the following systems:
    •  Plant air, instrument air and humidryers
    • Fuel gas
    • Chemical injection/chemical transfer
    • Fire water
  • Principle of chemical injection
  • Booster station utilities and power generating systems
  • Basic alarm management
  • Fire fighting systems
  • Fuel gas systems
  • Flares

Examples and exercises

Event Information

Event Date 18-12-2022
Event End Date 22-12-2022
Individual Price $2,800.00
Location cairo
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